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Prayers for my two young adult daughters. They have both rejected God, and my oldest hates Christians. They see a lot of hate for Christians in posted videos.*

My daughter was promoted to Campus Dean and tomorrow is the first day of class and it will be her first experience. Please pray that God be with her and lead her all throughout the day. Please pray. Thank you SOOOO MUCH.

My son K needs prayer that he passes his drug test for his new employer. He desperately needs this job. He is a believer and is turning his life around. He suffers from brain trauma due to concussions and might have smoked over new years but can’t remember. Please God give him your mercy and […]

I desperately need your prayer for my husband! He contracted the covid virus on Dec 17 and has progressively gotten worse. He is in Tucson in the ICU at a hospital. We need a miracle. He is a healthy male, 52. Satan is trying to take him out. The docs have tried everything and the […]

Prayers for myself and my boyfriend, B to be able to come together for Christmas- or really just GODS WILL with the relationship, please? I need work or a way to provide for my bills. I am learning photoshop and just need the right connections? Favor. Open Doors. Wisdom. His Will. Also for my son, […]

Please pray for my son E he is hearing voices and they are making him believe things that are not true. Please pray to have these voices removed from his mind.

Family prayer needed- my eldest daughter and I are estranged. (Please pray that we both renew our hearts, spirit and mi do, and can gain forgiveness towards one another) This evening I found out that she may be abusing my 2 grand-daughters. Please pray for my daughter K (her mental state) and the welfare of […]

Please pray for my son’s mental health . He hears voices in his head all the time. He doesn’t have any peace he can’t even sleep.

Please pray for my friend E. I don’t think she nor her two children are saved. Also, the father of the children is in and out of prison and they are having issues. She wants to leave but stays. Please pray for my fiance G and I. We are in counseling. I just want God’s […]


My husband of 25 years passed away and he did not put my name on the house or anything which I found about after his death and I now have to pay a probate attorney and pay his daughter a share of the home please pray that I can find a job I am 69 […]


A mistake I made in my past has caught up with me. As a result, my family (wife and daughter) has been destroyed, I am homeless (but thank God I still have a job), I have a court date (my first ever) in the next few weeks and I have no support system to help […]

A friend is fighting to get her daughter back from her mother. She needs a miracle to find a lawyer to help her. Or better she and her mother reconcile, stop fighting, and her mother returns her daughter to her. She is a single mother and has no money or income. She has been feeling […]

Please pray for my CAT, B. He does not care his name is being used. He has lost a lot of weight and has a tennis ball size growth on this back which you can see. Vet says if he was a younger cat they would remove. He is not acting like the cat I […]

Please pray for my daughter who was raised a christian. She is married to a non-believer and has turned away from the Lord. She has a son that my hubby and I are very close to. We watch him 5 days a week until he goes to Pre-K. He is 4 years old. My daughter […]


Please pray for me and my 2 young kids. My husband wants a divorce and I have no support group – no friends or family or enough money to support the 3 of us. Im afraid and alone and I dont know what to do. I really need something positive, anything to show to that […]