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Please pray for my brother T, he needs salvation……he get extremely depressed, disappointment hits him harder than most, he isn’t able to live a normal life and will not seek help of any kind, he is not able to work at all in his condition, he will not speak of his issue, there is no […]


We just found out that my uncle has throat cancer and colon cancer and there putting in a PICC line and calling in hospice and a week ago he found out that he is going to be a grandpa he’s terrified that he won’t be here to see his grandbaby be born.

I need prayer for my family safety and for my dad to earn more money

Thx!My hubby,J has pancreatic cancer.4 his healing.I’m nervous.

Las Vegas

My step mother C has breast cancer please will you pray for her healing… thank you God Bless You

Please pray for our son, Z (Panama City Beach, FL). He has been betrayed in the worst way by his wife of 7 years and has no hope at all right now. Please pray for his safety and ask the Holy Spirit to blanket him with comfort, peace and strength and the will to go […]

Prayers for myself, wife, daughter, granddaughter and granddaughters biological father as we go thru issues with mental and physical abuse. Legal actions being taken to remove granddaughter from both parents as we try to resolve these issues and bring family back together. Pray that both parents will seek counseling and that much needed counseling will […]


Please pray for my family, we are struggling financially, through this season. We are holding fast to our faith and ask your help in praying for God to carry us out of this situation, to stabilize our finances, and to use us to bless others unto His glory.

I lost my teaching job here in Kuwait and I have until the end of the month to find something else or leave, due to my civil ID being canceled. While I can return to the US, I do not want to leave my wife behind. She is from the Philippines and cant get a […]


Pray for God to have already heard my prayers for no more trouble with owing money, and for my sister to be healed totally , spiritually, mentally, physically, NOW. NOW. Jesus said, if you pray, ask for anything in my name , I will do it that the father my be glorified. Jesus in your […]

Please pray for my daughter she is a nurse and has a fever for 2 days now. They tested her for the virus but it takes a few days to get the results back. Please pray it is negative. Thank you for the prayers


I had to have police intervention for a violent situation in my household tonight. Verbal abuse made worse with alcohol. Tonight my 86 year old mother was the focus of his anger. He is a person Ive tried to help who had no where else to live, no vehicle and no job. Like most, he […]


I need deliverance from a relationship that has become verbally and emotionally abusive. I sense demonic attacks. I pray for a hedge of protection around my family. I am uncertain what to do


my daughter M is in the er sick . i dont know what for. she does have serious ulcerative colitis. i am waiting to hear back from her.


Please pray for my Nephews child. He has been visited by some type of unknown entity. His mother has personally witnessed it. She is so scared. They need prayers of protection. They live in Alaska and feel so alone. Thank and Godbless