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Moving forward I ask you to bless me so that I can move forward I would like to see improvement in our daily lives .will you help me thanks .


Sister, V, going to Psychrist Thursday. Off of med causing lots of wt. gain, had stroke 1-4-20. I want all of you to pray for all her illnesses to be totally gone. Meds have caused all he health problems. At this point she has to have something , the only thing is for God to […]

Pray for our nation…it seems to be all about money, caring for the people just seems to be the least concern. I pray for christians around the world..the battles just seem to never end, getting stronger as time goes this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer…I have overcome the world…says […]

I believe I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Please pray for me. Thank you.


Hello, I need prayer this evening. I am very nice and think I took too much pain medication and am afraid that I will pass away from the pain medication in my sleep. I am so scared and would love for someone to say a prayer for me. Please ask God to forgive me for […]


please pray for V, she is schizophrenic and diabetic, had open heart surgery and a heart attach a year later. Please as God to let the Lamictal work as it is the safest and she has lost some weight, does not eat as much and it is overall the best for all the problems she […]

Please pray for E W., and her salvation through Christ.


Please pray for healing and restoration… Thanks so much!

Family prayer needed- my eldest daughter and I are estranged. (Please pray that we both renew our hearts, spirit and mi do, and can gain forgiveness towards one another) This evening I found out that she may be abusing my 2 grand-daughters. Please pray for my daughter K (her mental state) and the welfare of […]


God I need you to let my house sell at the right time for the right price I have in my mind. I need the apt to be as I ask, and that it be on the end, corner, with a nice tree to shade , in front or court yard to the left, front […]

Sullivan, MO

Please pray for me. I am going through time of betrayal, uncertainty, and anger mixed with cyr about my future career prospects. Please pray those who have my career in their hands make a decision based on facts not lies. Please pray for me. Please pray for me.


Please pray for V. Let her meds work and not cause any harm. Let her and T as well as me our home and lives be blessed with love and good. I ask this lord in Jesus name.Thank YOu


Please, please pray for V. She is schizophrenic, and taking a new med. Seems to work and not. She is diabetic, all psychotic drugs make Blood sugar rise. When that happens it is like the mental psychosis along with her already mental state. All is increased, along with Blood Pressure going up. How awful she […]

Please pray for me for to total wholeness, I need perfect health Let God send me my destiny helper I need help Let God bless me financial so I can start my business Let God fight my battles and give me peace. Let the Lord bless and keep me Let the Lord shine his face […]


A mistake I made in my past has caught up with me. As a result, my family (wife and daughter) has been destroyed, I am homeless (but thank God I still have a job), I have a court date (my first ever) in the next few weeks and I have no support system to help […]