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I am I need of prayer. I have an appointment tomorrow ad could really use help from the Lord. Amen


Sister, V, going to Psychrist Thursday. Off of med causing lots of wt. gain, had stroke 1-4-20. I want all of you to pray for all her illnesses to be totally gone. Meds have caused all he health problems. At this point she has to have something , the only thing is for God to […]


Hi, my name is S and I have serious health problems.

I believe I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Please pray for me. Thank you.

I desperately need your prayer for my husband! He contracted the covid virus on Dec 17 and has progressively gotten worse. He is in Tucson in the ICU at a hospital. We need a miracle. He is a healthy male, 52. Satan is trying to take him out. The docs have tried everything and the […]


Hello, I need prayer this evening. I am very nice and think I took too much pain medication and am afraid that I will pass away from the pain medication in my sleep. I am so scared and would love for someone to say a prayer for me. Please ask God to forgive me for […]

Thx!4 me 2 become unconstipated


God heal my sister, now . All you prayer warriors thank you for praying for V to be healed totally and blessed totally . Thank You

Please pray for me…I pulled a muscle in my leg, I can’t walk on it without pain. Also I need prayer for finances…and for being tormented with fear. I pray and read the Bible every day…I need a break thru. I believe God can and does work miracles and that nothing is impossible. Also I […]

Thx!4 T.L.with her back pain.Also,4 my diarea 2 go away.


Thx!4 me,my my diarea 2 go away.


please pray for V, she is schizophrenic and diabetic, had open heart surgery and a heart attach a year later. Please as God to let the Lamictal work as it is the safest and she has lost some weight, does not eat as much and it is overall the best for all the problems she […]

Please pray for my son E he is hearing voices and they are making him believe things that are not true. Please pray to have these voices removed from his mind.

Thx!That my muscle strain’d go away.4 Ron&(Cancer)J’s healing.4 T 2.

Thx! I accidentally fell on 11-13.Pray 4 the swelling&pain 2 go away. My face’ll never look the same.